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Electricity can be made by different objects!
Creating electricity is important. If we didn't have it, I would be out of a job and your homes would be without heat or light. Oh, and also television (how would we survive)! By creating electricity, we can do many fun things.

This is an example of the different ways electricity is made.
The Sun, wind, and water are important in making electricity. These things create new friends for me and give me new jobs to do. Boy! Am I tired from all this work!
  Electricity can come from the sun.
As you remember, electricity is a form of energy. When the heat form the sun reaches the earth, there is equipment that traps and circulates heat and this creats electricity. The heat from the sun burns fuels that can create electricity.

Believe it or not, but water can create electricity!
Flowing water is a source of energy. The flow of water is use to make electricity in a hydroelectric power station. The flowing water can be used to turn turbines and produce small amounts of electricity. The force of the water must be very strong. One example of a hydroelectric power station in the Hoover Dam. The water that passes through this dam, creates about 4 billion kilowatt hours of low cost energy. This is enough for 500,000 homes a year. Wow! Isn't it amazing what I can do with water?

Electricity can be carried through different electrical wires.
Electricity can travel through wires, generators, batteries, and cells. This is how I get around and into your homes. Sorta creepy, huh? .

Wind is one of the cheaper ways of creating electricity.
When the wind blows, the blades of the windmill begin to spin. The stronger the wind blows, the faster the blades go. This makes electricty. Sometimes I get dizzy going 'round and 'round!


Can you think of any other ways to create electricity?